This Plant-Derived Skincare is Made From Sustainable Ingredients

The skincare industry is estimated to be worth over 68 million dollars. That goes to show you how much there is out there to choose from. So how do you know which company to use? Well, that all depends on what's important to you. A transparent company that only uses sustainable, plant-derived ingredients would be an excellent place to start. This brings me to Boto Botanicals and its beautiful products. They recently sent me the Brazillian Body Butter, Foaming Facial Cleanser, Sweet Mango Lip Balm, and Smoothing Eye Balm. If you enjoy the mango scent, you'll love these products!

Treat Yourself And You'll Feel So Good

Women aren't the best when it comes to treating themselves. We tend to put others' needs before our own, which is why we're often exhausted. Not only are we tired, but we also let stress give us wrinkles and other skin conditions. That's why I was so excited to try this skincare out. By far my favorite of all of the items would have to be the Brazillian Body Butter. I happen to love lotions so it's right up my alley.

As I said earlier, it's easy to forget about taking good care of yourself. However, it's really important because it helps us feel relaxed and a little more stress-free. We all need that! I know when I take a nice long hot bath/shower and then use my choice of lotions/cleansers I feel so much better. I feel taken care of and to help even more I will sit and meditate while in that state of mind. Not only does it all help our skin but it also helps us emotionally. I love to look in the mirror and know I've done what is needed to give me a boost of confidence, not to mention it's plant-derived. Now trust me, I know that confidence shouldn't come from the way we look physically, but it certainly can't hurt.

Boto Botanicals is 100% all-natural Brazillian Skincare made straight from the Amazon rainforest. Before you worry that they're using resources we need, please know that they only use sustainable ingredients. Knowing this will hopefully make you feel much better! Not only the transparency but they also offer 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Heck, even their packaging is eco-friendly!

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