Here Are Beautiful Planters For The Flower Or Plant Lover In Your Life

If you're still looking for the one last gift for the flower lover in your life, keep on reading.  Emerging Green has gorgeous planters that will hang on your porches or even somewhere indoors.  The unique thing about them is they each have a saying on them.  The planters that were sent to me are the Hanging Handwoven Straw Planters (set of 2).  Each one has a cute little heart on the outside that says “I love you”.  I also received 2 extra hearts with the word “Home” on them that I can use to put on these as well.  My sister is going to be so happy when I give them to her.  She's a flower fanatic!

Planters That Are Biodegradeable

These planters aren't like any other that I've seen.  They're handwoven straw baskets and the metal chain can be used for other purposes when you're done.  These gorgeous, vintage-looking baskets can literally be hung anywhere!  More examples would be a balcony, kitchen (you can put fruit in it), deck, patio, and wherever else you can think of.  Get creative with them.  Each planter can hold a total of 8 pounds, which is quite a lot of plant!  Imagine all of the gorgeous living beings you can grow in these or you can give them as gifts to loved ones.  What a great way to show how much you love someone.

An Eco-Friendly Company

Emerging Green is an eco-friendly company and they're trying even harder to continue with recycling everything.  Currently, 70% of their products are made of environmentally friendly and sustainable sources.  This is so very important right now in our world.  It's so easy to cut corners but we pay for it in the long run.  I'm glad this company is trying to make our world a much better place than it has been.  They do sell their products on Amazon, but if you order from the actual website you'll save money.

The holidays are almost here so if you're still looking for a unique gift, try Emerging Green out.  I think you'll love the planters!

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