Planters That Water Your Plants

Water Your Plants With These Amazing Planters That Run By A Timer

The days of sweating over digging holes and stretching the hose all the way across the yard are over!  No longer does gardening have to be a chore.  These amazing planters run on a timer and they will water any plant you have!  As a matter of fact, you can connect many of them together so you can have peace of mind.  Imagine going on vacation (when this darn pandemic is over) and not needing to pay someone to water your plants!  Daisy Rain Garden Systems sent me this amazing Three Pot Kit and I can't wait to start using them.  This one set doesn't come with a timer, however, you can easily purchase the kit with the timer or simply buy the timer separately.  I can't believe how easy the set up is and I can see by watching the video that it looks professional after it's done.

Planters That Water Your Plants

Planters That Have Their Own Water System

These big, beautiful planters connect to your hose to create their own water system.  You will never have to water them again!  How crazy is that?  Not only will this benefit those that love planting flowers, but imagine how easy growing vegetables will be.  I can't wait to show my sister these because she loves growing her own veggies.  Both kits that they sell come with the hose, sprayers, and everything else you'll need to connect your pots.  That's one of the reasons I was so excited about this company.  Most of the kits you buy don't come with the small things you need, but these do.  Oh, did I mention that each pot is 7 gallons?  Yes, I did say 7.  As a matter of fact, here are what you get with the kit I received:

  • Three 7-Gallon Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots
  • Micro-Drip Conversion Kit with 25 PSI regulator & 25 feet of hose
  • Three adjustable sprinkler heads
  • Three risers
  • Six figure-8 hose ends
  • Two tee fittings
  • Three coupler fittings
  • Four elbow fittings
  • Punch tool

Planters That Water Your Plants

Great Mother's Day Gift

Give Mom and/or whoever you love this kit as a wonderful, memorable gift for Mother's Day this year.  I'm sure they'll love it, plus, it's not something that will be gone tomorrow.  You know, like candy and flowers.

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