Many charter members of the Osoyoos Golf Club turned out on Friday to celebrate the club's 40th anniversary. These three ladies were with the club since its earliest days. Fran Engel (left) joined shortly after the club started, while Ethel Van Duzee (centre) and Barb Snyder are charter members. Van Duzee is still golfing at the ripe age of 91.



Whether you have been golfing since you were young, or playing golf is a newly found hobby, there are many benefits that this fantastic sport can have on your overall health. Not only is it fun, but it can be challenging at times, which makes this sport a great one for seniors because it encourages physical activity. But here are more ways in which golfing can positively affect your life.  


Physical exercise 

Although there are many arguments over whether golf can benefit one’s physical health, the number of people interested in this sport is growing rapidly, especially with people over the age of fifty.  

Yes, golf is not amongst the active sports out there, but there is no denying its health benefits. If you are monitoring your daily steps, you will notice that even when you ride a cart on the golf field, you manage to walk around 7 000 steps for an 18-hole round. Walking is something you do a lot in a game of golf, so let’s talk about the amazing health benefits of walking on the heath.  

There have been many studies showing that walking for only 30 minutes per day reduces the chance of heart disease by around 19% and improves blood sugar levels.  

Although running is considered a better way to reduce body weight for obese individuals, if you have problems managing a healthy weight as a senior, the chances are that running is not an option for you. But walking certainly is.  

Golf is considered a low-impact exercise, but for those who are limited to do anything harder than walking, it is better than sitting. Golf is also becoming more and more accessible to a broader audience over the years, so all you need is to rent the equipment and the course, and the game can begin. If you fall in love with the sport, which is inevitable, and decide to invest in your own equipment, there are some things you should do your research on. The golf club is probably the most important gear item, but the golf ball matters almost the same. Here are some great golf balls for senior golfers that you should definitely check out. 


Mental health 

Now that we have discussed the physical aspect of golfing let’s talk about another important part of our health – mental health. Although many people consider senior depression to be a normal part of aging, experts showed that it is not. Depression in older adults is shown to be more common with people with other chronic conditions, but the percentage of depressed seniors can rise to a staggering 13.5%. But how does golf help?  

Golf is a sport that truly celebrates nature, and being in nature can significantly improve one’s mood, as well as have a calming effect on one’s brain. The regular exercise from gold games also reduces the risk of depression because physical activity is one of the best antidepressants out there.  


But there is another aspect that is not often taken into consideration – the social aspect. Golf is a very social sport because whether you play it with your family or friends, the beautiful surroundings of the golf course, and a bit of healthy competition can strengthen your bond with people you are playing with. Social interactions are critical to our well being.  


If you are thinking about playing golf, we encourage you to try, because it can only bring joy into your life. But beware, because once you try it, it is possibly going to become one of your favorite things to do.  

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