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Play and Learn with Quality John Deere Toys



Kids love the reality of heavy machinery toys, especially when they are built with excellence. A Bruder John Deere tractor provides a sense of real farming with motion and functional pieces.

Tractors have come a long way since John Deere built its first model in 1906 and started producing them in 1918. They depended on their customers to provide feedback for the new mechanical version of a plow horse. Consumers were looking for reliable, durable, and economical replacements for manual labor. It took until 1934 for the Model A tractor to meet everyone's satisfaction.

Why Kids Crave Toy Equipment

Whether it is a dump truck or a tractor, kids like the feel of handling a small version of anything that is used for driving, building, or moving dirt. The thrill of making something out of nothing is what teaches children how to dream big about the future. Turning up the soil with a Bruder John Deere tractor and plow lets little ones envision prepping the land for a bumper crop.

Benefits of Farm Toy Equipment

There are several reasons why farm toy equipment has a positive impact on children. From the time that a toddler reaches 3 years old, they are ready to develop:

  • Advanced motor skills
  • Skills to solve problems
  • Process sensory skills
  • Complex language skills

A Bruder John Deere tractor provides steering, adjustable lifting gear, detachable front weight, and twin tires for good distribution of weight and balance. Learning how all of these features come into play with operating a sizable model provides more than just imagination.

Hours of Learning and Fun

Playing with a Bruder John Deere outside gives a child a good dose of sunshine and allows their mind to be busy with planning, exercising, and interacting with friends. These are crucial skills for staying focused and getting along with others.

Built to Last

Bruder is a German company that has been around since 1926 and specializes in children's toys. Built to last, a Bruder John Deere may find a resting spot as a display piece once your child is grown. Made of high-quality ABS plastics, the color will never fade and can be cleaned up easily after going over rough terrain and plowing through muddy fields. Keep your tractor clean, and you can enjoy playing with it indoors on rainy days.

Consider getting a Bruder John Deere for your kids or grandkids and join them in learning the basics of one of the world's most excellent tractors and what they can deliver.

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