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Playful But Functional Bath And Body

These Playful But Functional Bath & Body Products Will Have You Smiling And Using Them

We've all seen bath and body products in every single store, haven't we?  However, they're all the same as far as how they look and how they work.  They have the same old bath bombs, lotions, soaps, etc.  But, have you ever heard of a playful soapsicle?  I didn't think so!  Well, So Sweet Bath & Body sent me the most amazing bag of goodies I couldn't even believe.  One of those items happens to be a soapsicle that actually looks like a popsicle on a stick!  Playful but functional, am I right?  It even smells like one but can actually be used to clean and moisturize my skin.  That's the kind of brilliance I admire.

They sent me their Soapsicle in Raspberry Lemonade, a Bar of Apple Rose Scrub, Cherry Lip Balm, and last but certainly not least, Whipped Body Butter in Sherbet.  I'm in heaven with these products and nobody in my house better think about touching any of them!

Playful But Functional Is Best

I believe when a company has a sense of humor they've got my vote!  Why you ask?  Well, I think if they enjoy smiling and laughing and making inventive items then that's not all they're going to be smart about.  They're also going to make sure there's nothing bad in the making of said items and I just love something different.  The soapsicle isn't the only awesome food-like item.  They have so many others on their website such as their bath bombs look like delicious cookies!  The body butter honestly looks like whipped cream in a jar plus they even have donut bath bombs too.  Of course, for those that want classics, they have those too.

Great Unique Gifts

Imagine how happy and surprised your loved one would be to receive something from So Sweet Bath & Body.  The scent from the bag they sent is indescribable.  The raspberry lemonade soapsicle smells so amazing you actually want to eat it.  The sherbet whipped butter is ridiculously scrumptious smelling.  Heck, even the little cherry lip balm makes me want to lick my lips every 5 seconds!

There's truly something for everyone on their website so please go and check them out!

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