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Playing With Die-Cast Cars

Remember The Old Die-Cast Cars?  It’s Time To Start Playing With Them Again – Get The Kids Using Their Imaginations Too

I’ll never forget for as long as I live playing with my die-cast cars (of a different brand) for hours in the dirt.  I would literally play all day and didn’t care whether I was by myself, because I’d get lost in my imagination by making roads, parking spaces, and even stop signs out of sticks.  It was so exciting when Welly sent me my very own London Bus and Taxi set.  I have granddaughters now so I’ll be passing these on to them.  Although, I’ll be watching to make sure they take good care of them.  My favorite thing about the cars is that the doors open!  How exciting is that?  Oh, they are also pull back and go action cars, so the girls will love that.

I can’t go back to my childhood, but I can certainly take a trip in my mind by playing.  I won’t take them out in the dirt, but I’ll make a track inside with my grandkids.  There’s nothing better than showing little ones something that you used to play with.

Die-Cast Cars Are Best

In my opinion, the die-cast cars are the best because they’re metal.  They last longer and are much sturdier than other types of play cars.  The brand I used to get as a child didn’t last long because they were made cheaply.  I especially was angry when I’d buy my son the tracks for those cars, but they were just as bad!  When you hold the Welly vehicles in your hand they’re very heavy and hearty.  You can tell that they’ve been made well.  The one detail that I love on the Corgi Austin London Taxi cab is the suicide doors that open.  The attention to detail is amazing in both of these vintage automobiles.

This bundle pack would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for your favorite human!  Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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