Are Your Children Playing With Responsible Toys?  As This Company Says On Their Website “Wood Is Good”

It's crazy that when you think about the old toys we used to play with, they were mostly made of wood.  Those are the materials they had at the time, so that's what they used.  We didn't think we were being “responsible” because we didn't even know what that meant.  Heck, when I was little my Mom smoked cigarettes while we were riding in the car!  We just had no idea it was so bad.  Well, playing with toys really has nothing to do with smoking, but you get the idea.  Anyway, Le Toy Van is a company that delivers fun, sturdy, responsible toys.  They sent me this amazing Mixer Set and Baker's Basket Crate that my granddaughter absolutely loved!

Responsible Toys Kids Still Love Today

You may think that kids today need technological toys that do the thinking for them.  Unfortunately, I think that's completely wrong.  Kids need to use their imaginations!  It's good for them to see a mixer set and pretend that they're a professional chef on television.  That's how they dream and try out certain things without being afraid to fail.  My granddaughter is 3 years old and when I gave her the mixer set and play food she was amazed.  I can't tell you how happy and excited she was.  Wooden toys will give your children the best start in imagination games because they last and again, they have to do the work.  I know I had so much fun playing with my granddaughter and I know she won't soon forget it.

Should We Use Wood?

First and foremost, Le Toy Van is a company that is committed to reducing its impact on this Earth.  They use sustainable materials to protect our amazing world.  This is a responsible company.  Although they haven't perfected the process, they're certainly working towards doing just that.  As a matter of fact, the wood that they use is rubberwood.  It's a by-product of the rubber industry while only using those trees that are at the end of their lives.  There are many more interesting facts on their website if you're interested in learning!

Since the holidays are almost here, look no further if you're looking to buy one more gift.  I hope you have a beautiful holiday season and please stay safe!

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