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Playmobil Has Done It Again!

Well Parents, Playmobil Has Done It Again! These Fun Animal Sets Will Give Kids Hours Of Enjoyment

Playmobil has sent me quite a few different toys through the years but I have to be honest…they've all been amazing!  My granddaughters test these toys out and I've never had them say any of them were boring.  We would sit for hours playing and creating new situations.  These 2 new sets they recently sent me are no different!  I received their Orangutans with Tree and the Flock of Flamingos sets.  Both of these go perfectly together so that kids can play and create whatever scenario their little imaginations come up with.  Obviously, they can make a small zoo and you can always add to the collection because Playmobil has many more sets to choose from.

Playmobil Orangutans with Tree

This 49 piece set has a big tree for the orangutans that are included plus many other little detailed items to play with.  Such as bananas for them to hold, they can swing on the tree and you get 2 adult orangutans and 2 babies.  You also get a zookeeper, butterflies, a swinging rope, a bucket and much more.  They even include a bag of tiny food pieces for the animals!  The ages on the box say 4 and up but as a parent, I'd say watch very little ones closely because of the small pieces.  Kids will absolutely love playing with this set and coming up with new fun, exciting adventures.

Flock of Flamingos

This is only a 12 piece set so it's more of an add-on to other sets.  Since I already have the orangutans this is perfect for my granddaughters.  These crazy but elegant flamingos can be put in the included stands so that they can see what is going on in the zoo!  They love to stand with their long, beautiful legs while checking everyone else out.  Kids will love setting them up and putting them in whatever order they decide.  Each set of flamingos are differently colored so that you have a variety.  I know my granddaughters loved playing with these too.  Of course, when kids play with these, the animals can talk.

This kind of play teaches kids all about taking care of animals and gives them decision making skills.  There is no wrong answer when playing with Playmobil toys!

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