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Children loved to be engaged. Anything can catch their attention and they love to fiddle with it. Put it in their mouth. Touch it, roll on top of it, grab it, twist it, play with it. So its only wonderful to have toys to bring for your child when you are on the go. My babies loved to have something with them to entertain them when we were in the car, especially when we were traveling on an airplane, even just riding around in the everyday stroller. I found the best things to bring for traveling was a Play-n-Go. Something like a tray table cover, because it had lots of various toys already attached to it so it was easy to grab, a whole connected set, put it in our bag, and head on to wherever we were headed.


I love the Play-n-Go Tray Table cover from Star Kids for the little people in my life, whether it was for my kids, and now for my nieces and nephews. I find it so ideal, because it really reduces travel time stress. You can put it on top of a table, like at the restaurant to keep your little one busy while your finish your meal, or a high chair tray at home. As well as use for airplanes, car rides, in the stroller while walking around a store, or even in the grocery cart while shopping. It is a full on entertainment center for the kids. It has so much fun and educational trinkets attached to it. Babies are excited to be able to fiddle with something to keep their minds active.

Tray Table Cover

The Play-n-Go Tray Table cover has a peek-a-boo mirror, a squeaky toy, a crinkle toy, a mesh pocket with extra toy, a photo pocket to keep a sweet picture of dad or mom, or the baby! It also has a button and unbutton, and removable shapes. It is meant for babies ages six to twenty-four months. It was developed by early childhood specialist and moms. It is entirely fabric content, because it is one-hundred percent cotton, but the mesh pocket, cord, duck toy cover, shapes filler, trim and shapes cover is one-hundred percent polyester. I love that it can quickly calm my kids down, because it distracts them with fun colors and play.

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