These pocket size snack pouches are the perfect size for my kids to take to school with them for an afternoon snack. Two of my kids are hypoglycemic and have to eat something every few hours. And they have both said that this is the perfect amount of food. I am so glad. This way I don't have to let them or worry about them eating junk food in order to bring up their blood sugar. They can bring up their blood sugar with natural sugars.

The fruit is a full serving of fruit to enjoy on the go and 100% from fruit with no added sugars. It has no preservatives, no artificial colorings, non GMO Gluten free and vegan.  The chocolate covered is a fruit heart made from apple and orange surrounded by a thin layer of Begium Dark Chocolate to make your heart melt. It is also 100% fruit inside, non GMO, vegetarian, and no artifical colorings.

I will definitely be stocking up on these fruit pouches for school next year. I even add them to my kids lunches. So, they can have fruit for dessert instead of candy or junk food. I do the same for my husband. I have a house full of chocoholics so I love that I can send them to school and too work with healthy food and candy. Dark Chocolate in moderation is actually good for you. I may have to take out stock in this company. That is what my husband says when we spend a lot of money on one item or place. I will have to get some to keep around the house for me also for when I need a snack through the day. Since I stay home and work from home I love that I can keep a pouch around the house and not have it go bad.

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