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Recentl I received Pom juices to review. First is the Pom coconut. This juice tasted sweet and yummy. It is 100 percent juice blend. 30 percent Pom, 60 percent coconut water. Made from a blend of concentrate with added natural flavors and stevia. The taste is light refreshing and yummy.
The next one was Pom mango.i loved this one. A great flavor. 40 percent Pom and 40 percent mango. 100 percent juice blend from concentrate with added natural flavors.
Then Pom hula. 50 percent Pom and 30 percent pineapple.
The three of these flavors were great. I had my som Zachary taste them. He is very picky. He loved the,. These are great healthy juices. They need to be refrigerated. They come in 13 ounce and 48 ounce containers. They are in easy to open bottles. They are easy to store in the fridge. They do not take up much space. I am definitely buying these on my next food shopping trip.
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Pom does have other juices and flavors. Most food stores carry these products. They are in the fridgerated aisle. For more information click here.
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