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“March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. At the poop factory, we take colon cancer very seriously as this can directly affect the quality of our products. To further support this cause, we will be donating a portion of our sales from our website to Colon Cancer Research.”

Poop Factory

The Shades of Poop

Brown – you are just fine. This is a normal color.

Green – you have either eaten lots of green leafy veggies. Or your food is moving to quickly through your large intestine.

Yellow – greasy, stinky yellow poop lets you know that you have too much fat. Which could be an indication of malabsorption disease – like celiac disease.

Black – Pay attention if it is also sticky. This could mean you are bleeding from an ulcer or possibly cancer. But some vitamins may cause black poop. If you are worried see your doctor.

Light colored/white/clay colored – this could mean a bile duct obstruction or a medicine you may be taking. See your doctor.

Blood stained or red – this could be a symptom of cancer. ALWAYS go to your doctor if you find blood in your poop.

Poop Factory

Ok now onto something more fun. CHOCOLATE POOP! The perfect spring gift to that one friend you love to pick on. Because chocolate is not just meant to be eaten. It is meant to be savored, played with and enjoyed with your family and friends.

Poop Factory

Can you imagine your friends face when they open this box of chocolate? While this box of 9 pieces is let people know that they are the SH**. But I love to give them s gag gifts. This is a long time standing tradition with my husband and his sister to give each other a gag gift. And he is so excited to see her face when she opens hers. The chocolate is made by a local family owned business in New York. They have been making candy for 3 generations but I think this may be there “sweetness” product yet.

**Recipient and purchaser must be 18 years of age or older**

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