Recently I was given the chance to do a review on the new pop clocks. This is a great way to make getting up fun. My son is eight years old and gives me a hard time getting up for school on some days. This clock helps make him getting up fun, and at the same time makes my mornings a little easier.i
The clock is easy to set up. Easy directions. You push the left arm to turn the alarm on and push the right arm to set the time. When the alarm goes off the head pops. This is where the fun comes in. My son and I have a bet to see who can catch the head when the alarm goes off and the head pops. So I go wake him up a couple minutes before the alarm goes off and if he gets up he gets to try to catch it. If he doesn't get up well you know I get the point.
Without a lot of struggle this clock makes it a fun and easy way to stay on time. In order to stop the alarm you have to pop the head back on.

These monsters come in different colors and have different names. We have Charlie the blue monster. There is also green Gilbert, pink Rosy,  red Scarlet, purple Terry and yellow Sunny. These pop clocks are perfect for back to school or great for a gift. Makes getting up silly, and fun. Operate on 2 AAA batteries.
Can you catch them? For more information click here.



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