Pop Up Tents For Kids

Pop Up Tents Are So Much Fun For Kids – This One Looks Like A Camper And The Kids Can Pretend To Drive It!

When my kids were little we used to make tents out of blankets all the time.  Now that they're all grown up, I have granddaughters.  Of course, they love tents too, but now they have pop up tents!  Those are the easiest ones to use because, well, they simply pop up and they're ready to use.  As a matter of fact, Sunny Days Entertainment sent me the cutest Barbie Dream Camper Pop Up Play Tent and they loved it.  Now, let me be clear that this isn't the kind that you take camping.  You simply play with this inside.  Actually, the kids can also read in it too.  There are many ways to use imaginary play with this beautiful thing!

Pop Up Tents For Kids

Two Second Tents

Have you ever been camping (whether in your backyard or in the forest) and you can't get the darn tent put up?  I can remember pounding those annoying stakes into the ground and making sure the correct poles went into the right places.  Boy was that frustrating.  That's just one of the reasons I love this Barbie Camper.  You take it out of the included carrying pouch, unfold it, and Violá, it's up and ready to use.  Is there anything as easy as that when it comes to parenting?  I'm hearing a resounding “NO”!  My granddaughters are ages 7 years and the younger one is 2 years old.  They both had a blast inside of this tent.  The older one pretended to drive while the other hung out in the back.  As nighttime approached, they laid down inside and read their books.  They even had a little snack in there too.  I wish I could fit inside, or could I?

Pop Up Tents For Kids

Nana Had To Get In

The one thing the kids wanted was for Nana (me) to get inside with them.  Now, let me just tell you that I'm somewhat overweight, so I didn't think I could fit.  However, the great thing about this is it has 2 holes for their heads to poke out of so I was able to sit inside while my head stuck out.  They didn't care, they were happy I was playing with them.  Needless to say, we had a great time.

Pop Up Tents For Kids

Sometimes kids get tired of being with us, especially with the quarantine.  This camper is perfect for them to have their very own space.  They can read, play, sleep, or even use their Barbie's inside.  The best part is they can use their own imaginations!  You can get your very own Barbie Play Tent on Amazon by clicking the link below (or above).

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