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Popcorn: The Healthy Snack

Popcorn by PopZup  is healthy and just the best microwave popcorn as far as my family and I are concerned. I really like that the box it comes in is the container that it gets nuked in and is reusable. And the two seasonings that come with it just put the finishing touches on the taste of this popcorn. I am not much for seasoning on my popcorn other than butter and salt but boy when I tasted both of these seasonings I couldn’t get enough of either one. And best of all, it is gluten free, chemical free, is whole grain and even approved for use at school. Now, I can send this popcorn for a snack with my kids.  Their lunchrooms have microwaves so they can heat up their lunches or even make popcorn for their snack.

The box is made without any chemicals, plastic or silicone. The K-pouches are convenient single batch kernel pouches for making popcorn on the stove top or hot air poppers. We actually have a hot air popper that looks like the old fashioned poppers that the street vendors used. The kids love making popcorn with it. The seasoning bottles have 100% clean labels, and are blended from pure, real ingredients without fillers flavor enhancers or chemicals. I also like that since they have several different seasonings each one of us can create our own popcorn and not have to share or eat a flavoring that we don’t like.

They have different ways to order. Single or gift packages and several seasoning to choose from. I know we will be ordering again as soon as our stash gets low. As a mom I am glad I can find and buy something that I know is healthy and tastey for my whole family.  Popcorn has always been our go to snack. Can it will always be especially with this brand.

Head on over the their website. You can order online or check to see if their is a retail store near you. And you can also keep up to date and follow them on social media.

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