Modern kitchen interior with dark brown storage cabinets with granite counter tops and new tile floor



Dark cabinets have become fairly popular nowadays, mostly for their ability to look elegant in every room. Mostly suitable for large rooms, dark cabinets have become quite the rage in 2019 – and from what it seems, they are becoming popular in 2020 as well. It’s likely that two out of three cabinets will feature dark colors.

That being said, it might be rather difficult to combine other colors with certain dark cabinets. If you don’t want to make it seem like “too much,” you will have to carefully choose the color. No matter if you are choosing the color for your countertop, your floor, or your walls, here are some popular shades that are generally a very good choice to combine with:


  • Bright White


When it comes to cabinets, people rarely opt for just-as-dark colors to go on the walls as well. These colors are generally avoided, as they make the room feel darker and more restricted. Instead, people prefer to go for great contrasts – the most popular option being white.

If you have cabinets, for instance, that have been painted in black, then white countertops and walls will make that dark shade pop even more. It will create that balance that you need so that it does not feel like the room is closing down on you.


  • Creamy Colors


If you have dark wood cabinets – for example in dark mahogany colors – then you might want to go for creamy shades as well. Granted, white will work just as well in this kind of scenario – but there is a special appeal to creamy colors that makes a room feel all the more welcoming.

Depending on your furniture, you might want to go for different hues of cream. You might want to go for a reddish hue, or a brown shade might be more up your fancy. Ideally, you should ensure that the hue relatively fits the theme. 


  • Gray Shades


Gray continues to be very popular when it comes to matching with dark cabinets, no matter if you use it on your walls or your countertops. This timeless cool tone may be harmonized with a wide color assortment – so, even if your cabinets are black or in a nice mahogany, this color should work just fine.

The result will be well-blended, taking a transitional approach so that your room does not seem too small, nor too big. Gray shades work particularly well with stained designs, as the uniqueness of the color will be all the more brought to the front.

Bear in mind that in order for the gray to look good on the dark cabinets, you might want to go for a lighter shade of gray. RTA Cabinet Supply professionals indicate that the dark and light contrast will be able to complement each other, and the room will look properly balanced. 


  • Gold


When in doubt, going for gold will certainly save your skin when you are dealing with dark-colored cabinets. Golden hues will look particularly well with cabinets colored in espresso hues – the ones that are darker than the classic mahogany or dark cherry cabinets.

Bear in mind that unlike the other neutral colors (white, cream, gray, etc.) that go well in higher quantities, for golden hues – particularly the metallic kind – you should go for subtle accents. A countertop, the hardware – these slight color accents will give life to any dark kitchen.


  • Aquamarine 


If you have dark or black cabinets, then you might also want to go for aquamarine as a contrasting color. Ideally, this color should be used on walls rather than countertops – but if you do decide on this color, it will create that sensation of freshness and space. The room should feel larger and more cheerful – in a way, bringing the ocean back to you.

Final Thoughts

In a way, nothing should stop you from pairing the cark cabinets with some color that you like. However, you should still make sure that you pick a lighter, neutrally toned shade that can create a balance. Some of the options might not adhere to the group – but in general, if you follow the color code, you should not be disappointed.

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