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Games so Fun for a Whole Group of Friends

Goliath Games

All I can say is that life is hard so why make it harder? Life should be about enjoying yourselves and having fun with friends and family. I love getting together with a group of people and getting competitive playing some awesome games. I love the camaraderie and getting to know my peers better. I find that the greatest ice breaker are games that get into the nitty gritty. Picking your friends’ mind, and learning about another side of them you wouldn’t have if not getting together to play games. I feel like Goliath Games is my best friend! They make the coolest games that raise the energy in any room.

Have you ever played Word Search, Stuff Happens, Mastermind, or Your Worst Nightmare? These games are  so exciting and are definitely boredom busters! Goliath Games was established in 1980, and remains one of the few family-owned and run businesses in the world of toys and games. All these games can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, Go! Calendar & Games, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Indigo, Kmart, or Kohl’s. Today Goliath sells more than 100 products worldwide. They are passionate about bringing new toys on the market.

Word Search

Word search is a pretty fun version of the classic hidden word puzzle. You would rotate the circular board to reveal the word that the players will race to find on his turn. Everyone plays at once, and the first player to locate the word marks it with transparent colored tiles. The player with the most tiles on the board at the end wins. This is played with a small group of two to four players, and can be as young as seven on up to play.

Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens is a game that really cracks me up. I think its amongst my favorite. You’re going to read some really messed up stuff on these cards, and then rank them based on how bad they really are. Is a 3rd degree sunburn better or worse than seeing your father naked? Is it worse than dropping your phone in the toilet? You would rank the cards, and if the Misery Index agrees with you, you get to keep them. The aim is to correctly rank 10 cards and then you win. This game can be played with just two players. So it is great for a date night!


Mastermind is such a fun game for kids! It is one of the world’s most popular and best selling games of all time. Players take turns setting and solving secret codes. There are more than 2,000 possible combinations that make the game different every time it’s played. It’s basically just a fast, simple strategy game. The code maker creates a secret code with any four of the pegs. The code breaker places pegs in a pattern, trying to match the code maker’s pattern to break the code. The code maker signals if the code breaker has pegs of the right color and if they’re in the right position. Ages eight and over can play this one. My kids love this game.

Your Worst Nightmare

Now lets talk about Your Worst Nightmare! What an edge to the game! This is the first-ever card game that’s creepy and fun and that makes people face some scary fears. It includes 300 jaw dropping photographed Fear Cards that depict the scariest, and the funniest, fears people have seen or experienced. For this game, up to four people can play at once. To win is to get 13 points by correctly ranking the fears of the other players. I really get impressed or baffled with the fears my friends face. Some are no big deal and some are! I like to measure myself to them to see who is the biggest scaredy cat. It really is a game that takes fear to a whole new level! The recommended age for this game is twelve and up.

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