I received a box of assorted Pork Chomps and Premium Pork Chomps products for my furbabies Rocky, Bella, Molly, Ginger, to review. Pork Chomps offer a rawhide free solution for your dog to enjoy.

One of the biggest concerns I shared with the pet parents  was the fact that rawhide is dangerous. It takes a very long time to digest and actually expands in the stomach, so if your pup manages to swallow a big piece it could get stuck and cause a blockage which could result in surgery – or worse. Sadly, I heard stories all the time about this happening and many didn’t have happy endings. Not to mention most rawhide products contain nasty chemicals that can be dangerous to our pups as well since it is not regulated in the USA.

Pork Comps are natural baked pork skin products available in small/medium/large canine sizes. Varieties include Twistz & Rollz, Crunchy Bones, Chipz & Stripz, Knotz & Earz, and more. Available plain or flavored by things dogs love like peanut butter, bacon, chicken, pepperoni, and sweet potato, remember more than just flavor really matters. Remember to consider your pet’s speed, age, and neatness before you make the choice.

So when I recieved this box my 4 dogs were so happy they tryed to run me over for them. I have 3 big dogs and my chubby pug. Rocky and Ginger are lab mixes and Molly is a Akita/ Rotti mix and then there is Bella my pug, the big dogs loved the Twistz and Bella loved the strips.

I feel good giving these to my furbabies because they are alot safer then regular rawhides.

Pork Chomps is a proprietary brand of Scott Pet, a leading manufacturer of healthy dog chews in the pet industry since 1975. Creating innovative products that help pets lead quality lives has been our guiding principal since we opened our doors.

We like to think we are doing our part in helping pet ownership be a positive & rewarding experience. Most dogs have a natural urge to chew. It is good for their teeth & gums and is also a great energy outlet. Having “appropriate options” doesn’t guarantee your pet won’t get into trouble but we know that PorkChomps that better than that table leg or your favorite pair of slippers.

Most of us here at Scott Pet are pet owners; it is as important to us as to you to provide healthy and safe products for our canine family members. We have known for years that rawhide chews for dogs were not safe, and that is what propelled us to develop Pork Chomps. Pork Chomps are a game changer in the world of dog chews – there truly is nothing as safe, healthy and palatable on the market. The bottom line is it doesn’t get more perfect than Pork Chomps

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