Pork Rinds That Are So Good

When it comes to snacks, I am always looking for something that would be great for Ray, Southern Recipe snacks offer the Tastiest Crunch in the South including pork rinds, cheesy curls and cracklins. Southern Recipe is solely dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality pork ris, pork skins and Southern snacks along with the highest levels of customer service at the best price. Southern Recipe pork rinds have 0 carbs and more protein per serving than peanuts.


Did you know that pork rinds are perfect Southern food, but they are high protein, no carb snacks that you been looking for, they have more protein than peanuts and they are way crunchier and taste so good,

Southern Recipe started serving up pork rinds way back in 1955. In the early years, Southern Recipe pork rinds were made with bacon rinds already smoked. However, in 1957, the pork industry no longer supplied this product – effectively shutting down our beloved pork rind snack. With southern ingenuity, our founder's wife put her home economics background to work and invented a never-seen-before two-step process. A pork rind process we still use today. And please don’t ask us any more about this process … It's a secret!

Love this product and how well it tastes, my husband loved them and was pleased with the way they tasted. A serving of pork rinds has 0 grams of carbs, 9 grams of protein and only 5 grams of fat. Now you know what a pork rind is and the healthy side of this crunchy snack.

We have tried so many other kinds of pork rinds and these are the best ones we have tried, they are so different tasting and the crunch is different, here are some recipes you can try. What? You're not sure what this delicious crunchy bacon flavored treat is? Cracklins are one of the most traditional Southern snacks. Crispy pieces of pork skin with a just a touch of meat left on and fried to perfection.

For your pork rinds try these.



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