People are quite confused about the role and efficacy of electronic cigarettes in preventing health hazards that are associated with regular tobacco cigarette smoking. Everywhere you go you would find that half the people are in favor of e-cigarettes as they felt that the e-cigarettes are definitely less hazardous to you in comparison to the traditional ones' to ‘vaping is definitely less hazardous in comparison‘ The other half would be of the opinion that both the e-cigarettes and the conventional tobacco cigarettes are equally harmful. They thought that electronic cigarettes could be even worse than the original version of cigarettes.   

There does not seem to be any concrete or long-term evidence about the safety of e-cigarettes. As per several research findings, it would be logical to conclude that there is a combination of some good news relating to electronic cigarettes and also some bad news about them. They are a complicated amalgamation of potential benefits and harms.

E-Cigarettes: Much Safer Than Conventional Cigarettes

The good news is that electronic cigarettes are definitely less lethal as compared to the original tobacco version. Cigarette smoking could be a truly dangerous addiction that could prove to be fatal as well. Cigarette smoking still remains the most crucial cause for preventable casualties in the U.S.A. killing over 480,000 individuals every year. The statistics reveal that smoking causes much more fatalities than heroin, HIV, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol, firearms, and motor vehicle accidents, all combined.

Smoking is responsible for boosting the risk of a heart attack, stroke, COPD, diabetes, asthma, and numerous types of cancers. In this context, you must know that the free radicals present in the conventional tobacco cigarette smoke would be physically aging the human body. The habit of smoking would be slashing your lifespan by almost ten years.

A burning tobacco cigarette would be emitting toxic or poisonous gases like hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide. Cigarette smoke also contains tar containing many carcinogens.

The most amazing benefit of e-cigarettes when compared to the conventional cigarettes is that the e-cigarettes would help you experience the same thrill, joys, and ecstasy of smoking a regular cigarette without the hazards of any toxic gases or tar. They do not emit any harmful smoke containing these hazardous substances. They do not release any smoky odor or any ash.

The Weaknesses of E-Cigarettes

Now you are the master of your own destiny. You could exercise complete control over your nicotine intake. E cig liquid gives you the option to choose your own nicotine intake strengths. However, e-cigarettes do not come nicotine-free so the bad news is that all negative health effects and hazards associated with nicotine would be transferred to the e-cigarettes automatically.

Some of the nicotine-associated drawbacks would be that chronic nicotine usage or exposure could result in insulin resistance and may even cause type-2 diabetes. This risk could be counterbalanced by the famous appetite suppressant effects associated with nicotine itself. Inhaled nicotine could be causing an increase in blood pressure and the heart rate. The fruit and candy-flavored e-liquids attract children. This has resulted in some nicotine poisoning cases in children due to accidental intakes.


For individuals who are presently heavily into cigarette smoking, electronic cigarettes could assist them effectively in quitting smoking. People are still not sure about the exact authenticity of claims and facts about e-cigarettes. Scientists, tobacco researchers, and public health specialists are carrying on research and studies to learn more about their effects on health. One fact is for sure that electronic cigarettes are easily accessible and there are numerous stores that are selling them. These stores are referred to as the Vape Shops and are present across the nation.

Author Bio: Daniel Steve is a qualified doctor and an active blogger. He informs his readers that they should quit smoking altogether or switch to the relatively healthier option of electronic cigarettes if they are just not able to give up smoking for good. He advises his readers to choose the e-cig liquid carefully so that nicotine ingestion is much lower.

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