Positive Parenting
Positive Parenting : An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: TarcherPerigee (June 7, 2016)
Language: English

Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes will help all of us frazzled parents looking for help to stop fighting with our children and start reconnecting. I've had my fair share of struggles raising my own children. We've had a lot of great times, too, though. Sometimes I wish I had some kind of insider knowledge to know what's the right path to take when dealing with challenging parenting moments.

Kids can really drive a parent up the wall sometimes, I've been there a few times myself. Keeping control over my own emotions when my kids' own feelings are out of control can be a tall order. Most of the time I'm able to keep my cool, but during those rare times I feel it slipping it can be difficult to figure out what to do to keep the interaction moving in a positive direction.

That's where this book can really help because it's full of helpful information and tips to help guide us to not only stay calm and maintain control of our children, but to foster and continue to grow a connection with them that will strengthen the parent-child bond. Parents who read this book can expect to learn skills such as changing negative thought patterns, managing their emotions during interactions with children, creating a positive family culture, coping with common parenting challenges and lovingly communicating to children of different ages and stages of development.

One quote, in particular, I found in the book is classic Dr. Suess, one I've heard and said many times. “A person's a person, no matter how small.” Everyone is a person and all people deserve to be treated with respect. This is what I strive to teach my children, but it doesn't hurt for me to apply that advice to myself, as well. As a matter of fact, it's pretty crucial. When I find myself becoming impatient or short with my children or failing to listen to them as I should, often this quote will come to mind and I know then to take a few moments to collect my own emotions before continuing to interact with them.

This parenting thing is a hard job, no doubt about it. We can use all the help we can get to try to get it as right as we possibly can. This book has been an enjoyable read and is one I recommend to all parents or those who intend to become parents one day.

Positive Parenting : An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes


Popular parenting blogger Rebecca Eanes believes that parenting advice should be about more than just getting kids to behave. Struggling to maintain a meaningful connection with her two little ones and frustrated by the lack of emotionally aware books for parents, she began to share her own insights with readers online. Her following has grown into a thriving community–hundreds of thousands strong.

In this eagerly anticipated guide, Eanes shares her hard-won wisdom for overcoming limiting thought patterns and recognizing emotional triggers, as well as advice for connecting with kids at each stage, from infancy to adolescence. This heartfelt, insightful advice comes not from an “expert,” but from a learning, evolving parent. Filled with practical, solution-oriented advice, this is an empowering guide for any parent who longs to end the yelling, power struggles, and downward spiral of acting out, punishment, resentment, and shame–and instead foster an emotional connection that helps kids learn self-discipline, feel confident, and create lasting, loving bonds.

Rebecca Eanes is the founder of Positive-Parents.org, creator of Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond, and a contributing editor to Creative Child Magazine.

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