Your Fur Baby in a Painting

Someone who can capture the love in your heart for your fur baby and replicate it in art in the most sincerest and purest way, thru portraits! Positively Dog Street is a wonderful custom artist that can paint your animal in a fun and gleeful way. Their personality and soul captured in amazing watercolor portraits.

Positively Dog Street

If I ever wanted to create a loving artwork of my dog or cat I would choose Positively Dog Street. They aim to bring your pet’s best self to life with vibrant colors and detail. What they know is that your pet is not just your fur baby, but is also your best friend.

For me, when I think about my pet, I enjoy imagining them. I love thinking about my pet’s fur, color, paws, eyes, mouth, etc and that’s why I love taking lots of pictures of them. Commemorating my pet means a lot to me. But more fun than a developed photo, is actually having a customized watercolor portrait. A water color portrait brings the beauty of your pet out in a different more magical way. A whimsical way!

The sad thing about our fur babies is that they don’t live forever. A beautiful gift you can give someone who has recently lost a beloved pet are one of these Positively Dog Street paintings. You can get a framed artwork, a greeting card, a wall art, a desk art, or just a portrait of your lovely pet. Everything is completely handmade. Each picture is made with watercolor paper, watercolor paints, pencil and colored pencil.

To order from Positively Dog Street is first to select a size you want, then select the payment form. Next, you would send a direct message with the photo you would like created. You may include any wording you would like in the message. The whole process takes between one to four weeks to ship out. The creator’s are based in the United States and are remarkable at what they do!

Find out more at Positively Dog Street / Instagram

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