61OrLzjMqKL__SL1500_41t4-EvU-uLRecently I was given the chance to review potty shields extra large disposable toilet seat covers. I love this product. If you know me you know I do not like using restrooms. For some reason my son thinks it's a fun idea to have to use the restroom everywhere we go. With these potty shields it makes me feel a little more comfortable about him using the bathroom. They come in a package of 20 individually wrapped covers. They come in different styles floral and sports. They are disposable. They are extra large to fit over not only the seat but also around the base where your kids legs would hit. Which has more protection against germs then most products. They have adhesive strips to ensure you seat cover doesn't slip.

These toilet seat covers save you time when you are in a rush to get to the bathroom. No more fooling around trying to get the toilet paper just right on the seat. This toilet seat cover is easy to use. Also made thinker then the toilet covers some places have in there bathrooms. These are quality made. After use dispose in trash receptacle. Do not flush. These are great for anyone in the family. They are good for baseball games when you have to use the porta potty, amusement parks, work, school.  For more information click here.





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