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Power Up with Power Emoji

Power Emoji Smitten Kitten

We are always on the go, from before the sun comes up till after the sun goes down. But I also need to be connected while I’m out and about. The amount of work I conduct from my phone is crazy. And all that work drains my battery, sometimes really fast. With the weather getting nicer that means we’ll be camping soon! Then I really need a way to keep my phone charged. Power Emoji is a fun way to keep your phone charged while you are out and about.

Power Emoji Power BankI’ve had several phone chargers over the years, but they were always boring. Just plain, simple boxes. Power Emoji puts the fun in battery packs. With a variety of emoji and cartoon character battery packs are you sure to find at least one you must have. For me, I really wanted the unicorn. I mean, who wouldn’t want a unicorn battery pack? Now, when we are at the park or zoo I keep the unicorn in my purse and when I need a little charge I just plug in my phone. It’s much easier than trying to take a break by an outlet and plugging in my phone.

With the Power Emoji battery pack I can keep moving. Just because my phone needs to charge doesn’t mean I have to stop moving. I plan on taking this with us camping and hiking in a few weeks too.

Power Emoji Smitten KittenMy daughter is obsessed with Cat Power Emoji. She takes it with us when we are on car rides to charge her iPad. I like it because we can take it in with us to restaurants and never have to worry about her running out of battery.

Power Emoji power banks are a great gift idea. Everybody can use a power bank. So why not a fun one? Think how cute these would look in an Easter basket. Or even as a graduation gift. If you have a tween or teen on your gift list I highly suggest checking out the Power Emoji. Everyone that has seen ours has wanted them.

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