Practical Gifts For Toddlers

Practical Gifts For Toddlers

Being a mom of a 5 month old at Christmas time I have struggled with trying to think of practical gifts for my daughter for Christmas this year! I know at this age she really wont remember Christmas morning and everyone loves buying for her already so we are overwhelmed with small things and running out of space for them.

The STASH folding kids chair is a perfect practical gift that not only will store those small toys that she receives, it will also be a gift that will last for years to come, and be very useful in our household.

With my daughter almost being 6 months old she is growing out of the stage of wanting to lay in her swing and she is learning to sit up and wanting to be upright and paying attention to everything that is going on around her. Although we plan to have it by the tree on Christmas morning, we have already started using it with her and she loves it!


When I first received the chair I was amazed at the quality of the craftsmanship put into it. It is made with a very high quality fabric that I am sure will withstand the wear and tear of a toddler for a few generations! It is heavy, but yet light enough that I as a mother can move it around the house as I need. The color is rich and it comes in an abundance of colors so that you can match it to your decor. I personally wanted to get it in Pink for my little girl, but daddy want it in blue so that it would match his chair.

It is very practical in the fact that it folds up to make a footstool or a seat for an extra guest in the house! Once folded into a foot stool you would never know that it is actually a chair for a small child. One of my favorite things about this chair is the fact that it has built in storage in the bottom to hold toys! I know once she is old enough to know this will probably be one of her favorite things because she will be able to hide things in it, and hopefully it will make for a quick clean up.

folding kids chair

I actually have 2 nephews that are 2 and 3 years old and they had the joy of using this chair a few weeks ago and thankfully they shared it but I could tell they would love one of their very own. It is very cozy and is the perfect place for your child to sit and watch a movie with you or just relax and feel a bit grown in their own chair!

The STASH folding kids chair would make a wonderful gift for that little person in your life! It is unique, practical, affordable and will have years of use! Also, a great way to introduce a healthy habit of staying organized and putting things away!

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