While not long ago, there were more natural means to slowly take in every nutrient with a healthy meal before your workout regime, in today’s society, time has crunched the ability to take the time out of our busy lifestyles. However, fortunately due to science and technology, there have been ways in which all of those amino acids and nutrients have been crunched into numerous supplements that we call pre-workout formulas. In this guide we’ll talk all about how pre-workout reviews can help your day, your workout, and how to use them properly so you can get the best fitness results possible. 

More than Just Vitamins

One misconception is that a pre-workout formula is just vitamins. While it may contain some vitamin B12 here and there, the main factor that makes a good pre-workout is the actual ingredients. You want to have things like creatine in them, and beet juice, as well as caffeine, which is found in literally all pre-workout supplements. It is not intended to be used all day, but just mainly before your workout so you can get maximum gains. 

Another popular ingredient is L-arginine. Not only does this give you a humongous increase in vitality and endurance, as well as promote healthy HGH (human growth hormone) levels. However, it should be used carefully and in moderation, and should never be the primary ingredient in any workout supplement, since it’s scientifically engineered in pre-workout supplements.

You can look for other ingredients like citrulline, ornithine, and others. You want to do your research on these ingredients, since they can all affect the amount of arginine that you’re getting, as too much L-arginine may not be safe. For more detailed information on supplements check Total Shape.

How Pre-workout Supplements Affect Performance

The main thing that pre-workout supplements bring to the table is increased stamina, strength, and increased endurance. This may or may not happen immediately depending on how the user that takes the pre-workout is affected, and based on things like weight, body and fat mass, as well as their metabolism. However, overall, the thing you want to look for is that the quality ingredients, so you know what not to take if you’re taking other supplements. 

For example, some pre-workouts are made with plenty of B12 vitamins (up to 400% of your daily recommended value), therefore, if you’re going to take vitamins on the side, you want one that either isn’t very high in B vitamins, or take vitamins individually and skip the B vitamins altogether. 

When to Take it For Maximum Fitness Gains

Whether you’re slamming an energy drink (a pre-workout one, not a Red Bull®), a shake, or even a powder mixed with water, you want to do so up to an hour or two before your actual workout. Taking it too early can cause an early drop of energy, while taking it too late will cause you to not have the pick-me-up you need in order to maximize your workout and have the energy you want.


If you’re wanting to incorporate pre-workout supplements into the mix of your everyday life, and you are just a generally active person, you can also do that. However, if you’re working out on a regular basis especially, adding a pre-workout formula can greatly benefit your fitness regime. Regular workouts put repetitive stress on the body, which results in microtraumas. If you feel small discomfort in some area, gently rub a safe, pain-relieving gel on the affected part to alleviate the soreness. Finally, don’t push yourself too hard. Rest and relax if you feel tired or are in pain.

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