There are 4 mesh laundry bags included, each featuring a durable zip top enclosure, and an assortment of sizes based on your washing needs.There is an elastic zipper guard to tuck away the zipper so no worries of the zipper getting stuck on anything in the wash and no noisy clanking in the dryer! One of the 2 larger bags is black in color for darker colored clothes.

Using this to wash has become a daily thing with me, they keep my clothing safe and they allow them to wash properly. In this pics below I placed my daughters coat in the black bag because of it's larger size and color and used the other white bag for the towels. This is great to take on trips and separate your delicate washes and come home to toss into the right laundry.

The mesh is a much finer mesh. Knowing this, you should know that these bags are not meant to be stuffed full. I find putting one item per bags works great to allow plenty of room for the garment to move around during the wash. These bags held a decent amount of clothes and did a spectacular job keeping my clothing together while still allowing my clothing to get a good, clean wash.


Ideas for your laundry bags:

bras, undies, or other delicates that might snag and shouldn't go through the dryer
stuffed animals
assign each kid a bag for their dirty socks and cut your sock sorting time in half!
Legos, bath toys, or other plastic things that need a wash, but would be a pain to dig out of the machine individually

They are perfect we can put anything in them, and wash them. We are using these everyday that we wash.

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