26364761-Vector-breakdown-truck-and-car-accident-icons-set-Stock-Vector-towAs Murphy’s law observes and as most car owners have realized
The car only breaks down at the least convenient time.
No matter the length of warranty coverage, on the day that the warranty expires the car will break down
You can rarely predict when this will happen, but like in the Scouts, you can always be prepared for this possible eventuality.
Here is what you can do:
Carry a car emergency kit with the following items for sure at all times:
A Life Hammer/ any other car window breaking tool should be in the glove compartment.
Jumper cables.
Tire sealer inflator.
Spare Tire
Crescent Wrench
Tow ropes and hooks.
Duct tape.
Bottled drinking water
Bottled distilled water
First aid kit.
Breakdown cover: Keep a track of the warranty and insurance coverage. If you’re travelling abroad make sure your cover extends to your trip away. If it doesn’t, you may need to arrange separate cover
Keep a road map in the car: A compass and a road map will enable you to explain to someone exactly where you are even at the hour of your navigation system not work or your cell phone losing coverage. All highways have emergency phones but not all have a distinct “You are here” map.
Maintain your car: The better maintained the car, the lesser the chance of it breaking down. Also, you should have the number of a reliable towing service in your phone whom you can contact in case of need.

Ensure your phone is charged: Invest in a car charger as well as a spare battery. You may also think of carrying a spare phone altogether during a long trip.
Have the number for your emergency breakdown provider handy
Carry a reflective jacket and waterproof: It may be most uncomfortable to try and fix your car in the pouring rain. Also in case you cannot flash your car lights due to a battery issue, the reflective jacket alerts other vehicles of your presence on the road and your possible plight.
Carry a red warning triangle: This is handy for warning other road users that you’re in trouble
Have some walking shoes in the car: This is useful in case accessing the nearest gas/repair station/emergency phone requires a walk. It is a good idea to also keep climate appropriate clothing, just in case you need to stay warm or change into an outfit following a greasy episode.


All in all, be prepared for all eventualities and never hesitate to call for help.

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