When you’re pregnant it’s easy to get wrapped in everything you need to buy ahead of time for your little princess. You’re busy getting her nursery ready, buying clothes, diapers, accessories, and packing your hospital bag for when it’s time to give birth. Having photos taken of your baby when she’s a newborn is probably one of the last things on your mind, but if you’re the type of gal who loves to document everything, a little photography preparation certainly won’t hurt. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the photos from that special day for years to come! To start planning for your baby’s very first photos, keep reading for some tips below:

Pick out your princess’s outfit

If you already have a special outfit in mind for your baby’s first photo shoot, put it aside and pack it in your hospital bag right away. This may include princess tutu dresses that will make your sweet little one look as beautiful as can be. Don’t be afraid to bring a couple of options just in case you change your mind or one works better than the other. Focus on baby ensembles that have special significance. Baby bloomers, rompers, and headbands are other options for you to consider packing in your hospital bag.

Select the perfect accessories

In addition to headbands and other adorable accessories you may want to include, if you have a special blanket or family heirloom that’s important to you, don’t forget to pack those too. You may have a toy that you kept from when you were a baby that you will be giving your little girl or a hand-knit blanket from your mom or grandmother. Keep in mind that neutral and plain blankets work the best in photos, but if you love color don’t be afraid to bring what you love the most.

Discuss the photo shoot with your hubby

While you’re still pregnant start talking to your hubby or boyfriend about how you’d like to have a hospital newborn photo shoot. Decide if you’d like to use a photographer at the hospital (many times they have a contracted photographer on staff) or hire your own. Also find out what expectations or concerns your husband or partner may have about the photo shoot and how much or little he wants to be a part of the planning. Also, if you’ve asked another family member to participate in the photo shoot or to help out, you can ask for their input, if you’d like.

Consider being in your baby’s photos

Although the majority of your baby’s first photos will be of her since you’re focused on your new bundle of joy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider being in some of the photos with your little princess. At first you may hesitate being a part of the photos since you just gave birth, but having beautiful photos to look at later with you holding your little one with your husband or partner by your side will make you smile and feel grateful you decided to be a part of the photos.




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