Preschool Popstars


Preschool Popstars

Preschool PopStars Presents Daycare Dance Party

Preschool Popstars

Preschool popstars are being produced by a grammy winning team of musicians and studio engineers with ties to Lady Gaga, Akon and Mary J Blige. Hailey, Bailey & Jazz are the cutest preschoolers I have seen. And they can sing, rap and dance. This trio can do it all! And they have just released a NEW album. Me and the grandkids have listened to this CD a “few” times already.

The Preschool Popstars Song List

Preschool Popstars Preschool Popstars

With this playlist there is a song for each one of my grandkids and myself. My granddaughter's favorite is Divas in Training Wheels. My oldest grandson's favorite is Bounce. The next grandson's favorite is I Didn't Mean To Burp. And the baby of the bunch his favorite is See Saw. And mamaw's favorite it Wait Until I Cook It.

Preschool Popstars
Daycare Dance Party
See Saw
Juice Box
Hair Cut Strut
Divas in Training Wheels
Wash Your Hands
Wait Until I Cook It
I Didn't Mean To Burp
Popstar Rap
Before I Go To Sleep

Another fun fact is that you can go to Youtube and watch all of these funny songs. I am not sure which we have more fun doing. Listening to this CD while we are out and about or coming home and watching the videos. This CD offers a diverse assortment of music. Pop, hip hop and even country. I am pleased to say that the kids love all types of music. But, that could be because the entire family always has some type of music playing. We have a music loving family and I'm glad my grandkids enjoy it as much as we do. We have even shared with their preschool class and it was a big hit. Our family loves these girls and I know yours will also.

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