Everyone knows that I love food. I especially love to snack. Unfortunately, snacking on the wrong foods is not good for your figure, especially mine. I have always struggled with my weight.

Now I don't have a specific menu, and I am little more free in my food choices, which can leave me unsure about what to choose. When I am craving a snack, I want something that is actually filling, but tastes great and is not going to make me regret the choice when I step on a scale.



Finding good snacks is much harder than I ever realized. There are tons of great options like fruit, Fat Free yogurt or cottage cheese, nuts(in moderation) and I get so many different cravings, and I need different choices. I especially love my crunchy snacks like chips and crackers.

I like pretzels, and they are pretty smart, but plain old pretzels get old fast. That is why I so instantly fell in love with Pretzel Crisps. They are basically flattened pretzels. They are shaped like a chip or crackers and even crispier than traditional pretzels. Plus they taste better and come in 7 fantastic varieties.


Classic pretzel flavor, redesigned. Flatter, crunchier, and so much more flavorful. They are amazing.

Cheddar minis.baked all natural made with real cheese.

The pretzel crisps lovers of all sizes. This is a package of bite size minis from pretzel crisps. They are made especially tiny for kids of all ages, from 5-95. Because sometimes you just want a teeny bite of something wonderful. So go ahead and try there special recipe- guaranteed they're as wholesome and delicious as there regular pretzel crisps. Just thinner.

Try all 7 varieties. These are great for snacks for kids for school. Rethink your pretzel! For more information click here.



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