Oh wow summer is nothing without the Pricklee. It is so delicious and refreshing. My kids and I fight over them. The can and the beautiful colors of the packaging are so fun to look at and to hold. Nothing beats a fruity drink on a hot day. Have you ever heard of Pricklee? You need to try it for yourself.

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Pricklee is quite affordable. In fact, if you sign up for news, you automatically get $5 off your first purchase. I love that you can get a pack of twelve for only $32.50. Right now there is a promotion where it is just $26. You save $6.50! If you did a subscribe and save, you get twenty percent off, all summer long. There is no commitment in your subscription, because you can cancel anytime.


Now let me tell you how flavorful the drink is! There is the delicious prickly pear, mango ginger, and strawberry hibiscus. I can’t choose which is the best, because they are are so delicious. After leaving them in the fridge, I get a crisp refreshing drink. The Pricklee definitely embodies the taste of the oasis. That means, it is the most refreshing cactus super fruit water there is!

If you don’t know which Pricklee flavor to buy, you can get an Oasis Sampler. You get three cans inside a box and it only retails for ten dollars. Currently inside each box is a three dollar gift card to save off your next purchase. 


I love that it is only thirty-five calories per Pricklee. The can is long and slender and contains twelve ounces. There is no saturated or trans fat. There is no cholesterol either. You do get fifteen mg of sodium and thirty mg of potassium. There is nine grams of carbohydrates and seven grams of sugar. It also contains, calcium, thiamin, folate, vitamin c, riboflavin, vitamin b, and magnesium.

My husband drinks the Pricklee after his workouts, and he is going to keep buying more. 

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