Pristine Cleansing Spray is a great way to revolutionize your bathroom habits. It is used to moisten the toilet paper to turn your dry toilet paper into an instant wet wipe. So now it doesn't matter if you are home or out and about. You can stay fresh and clean after all bathroom visits. Another plus, it also freshens the air.

Pristine Cleansing Spray Products



Moisturizing Spray provides exceptional moisturizing. And restorative properties to help nourish dry skin.
Scented with natural Ylang Ylang (meaning “flower”) Oil to offer a refreshing floral scent.
Rinse-free, leave-on formula.
Recommended for providing a smooth, effortless cleansing experience.


Gentle Spray is blended for use on the most delicate skin. While offering a silky texture that allows toilet paper to glide over the skin.
Unscented and fragrance-free.
Rinse-free, leave-on formula.
Recommended for diaper changes and adults with sensitive skin.


Cooling Spray provides a lasting cooling effect to leave a cleansed area feeling refreshed and clean.
Scented with natural Peppermint Oil for a minty, clean fragrance.
Rinse-free, leave-on formula.
Recommended to offer a fresh, clean, and cool cleansing experience.
Not recommended for infants and adults with sensitive skin. Due to the strong properties of Peppermint Oil.


Soothing Spray offers relief for irritated, dry, or itchy skin with collagen-supporting amino acids and proteins, as well as vitamins A, D and E to provide a soothing cleansing experience.
Scented with natural Germanium Oil and Basil Oil to offer a flowery aroma.
Rinse-free, leave-on formula.
Recommended for irritated, dry, or itchy skin.

Easy to use, shake the spray, hold about 2 inches from toilet paper. Spray 3-4 times or until it is the desired moisture you want. For an extra moisturizing feel, try more than 4 sprays. If it doesn't feel moist enough, try holding the toilet paper closer while spraying. I keep a bottle with me at all times. This is especially wonderful when I am traveling with the grandkids. Everyone needs this in this purse or diaper bag.

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