Privacy is a big thing nowadays.  Every time you are out using data or a hot spot or even free Wi-Fi, you are pretty much exposed.  I know that there are certain things that I cannot do when I am not on my own secure connection at home because I do not want any information to fall into the wrong hands with all the hackers and data breaches and the like.

Anonabox PRO is a small router gives me that extra layer of security at home, and it is portable so I can take it with me wherever I go for that security when I am out using a hot spot or free wi-fi.  I do a lot from outside of the home, am always on the go, so it is not feasible for me to do everything at home and sometimes if I do not do something when I am thinking about it, it just does not get done because I end up forgetting about it by the time I get home.  I also have to check my email a lot for my job so am always checking that too and there is some sensitive information in there so I cannot be too careful. It even has a range extender so I can extend my range at home for anywhere I am in my house or backyard, or even sitting in my car.   I think my favorite thing is the fact that it keeps my location secret.  I hate when I am out somewhere and I post something and it says where I am posting it from.  Do I really want people to know where I am at any given moment? No! Especially if I tell someone I am staying home and I post something and it says I am in a different city.  Not good!

Check out Anonabox and stay free of all the data collection that goes on and get that extra privacy you need to do what you need to do when you want to do it.

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