Wearing sportswear became a fashion trend this 2020, and the old you that doesn’t care about what you wear in the gym and on a casual day out can’t keep up. If you are starting to get conscious and pay attention to what sportswear you wear, don’t worry because it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make it look the best. Continue reading if you want to find out how choosing the right athletic apparel improves your look and performance.

Get the Right Shoes

If you think about sportswear, the first thing that comes to mind are shoes. Ironically, choosing the right shoes is not a one-size-fits-all thing, and while there is no single running shoe that might be fitting to everyone, you can always find a shoe that will be ideal for you. For you to look great with your sports shoes on, you first need to get the right model for your posture. You don’t want to look like a jester with huge shoes and on the other hand, you might not feel comfortable with very tight shoes. Reebok Hong Kong suggested that you get a shoe that will hug your feet comfortably, this way they will not look sloppy or funny when you wear them. Moreover, you need to choose a design with a specific purpose in mind, e.g. you can't wear boxing shoes when you are going to do bowling. Consider matching the sportswear with the sport it is made for since the designers will always consider style and comfort purpose vise. 

Choose the Right Size 

It is always a struggle to search for clothes that are not only comfortable but also look good. Wearing clothes that are the right size definitely matters. Try looking for clothes that are not too tight and also don’t flap around when you move nor will look baggy on you. Additionally, sizing up will hide your body, meaning that you wouldn’t be able to see your body position, which is crucial in sports such as yoga or zumba. Moreover, choosing the right size of sportswear will give the best support for your muscles and body temperature regulation. Look for brands that offer products fit for your body type and your lifestyle.

Be Mindful of Colors

Although sports brands offer a wide range of colors with their sportswear, you still have to carefully choose which one will suit you. What looks good in the rack will not necessarily mean it will look good on you. Bright colors enhance your brain with motivation for more exercise, however, neutral colors can hide sweat patches and definitely look good on anyone. Thus, the perfect combination would be super-chic neutrals mixed with pops of colors, deep colors, or full-blown nudes. Whatever you choose, try to consider the right color that will suit your skin tone and more importantly your personality. 


To summarize, the right type, size, and colors will definitely jumpstart your look from being a regular outfit to a runway type of ensemble. Yet, being confident and keeping yourself healthy will still be a big factor in looking great, so go ahead and work hard in creating the best version of you. 

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