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Probiotics For All

Probiotics Can Be Healthy For Everyone – Even Children!

I'm sure you've heard a lot about probiotics, but let me fill you in on some of the information you may not know about.  Apparently, since our bodies change with the seasons, we should be using a changing probiotic too.  Think about the Spring and how your allergies pop up.  This is why it's good to use something that will work with your changing body.  That's where Jetson Probiotics comes in.  They offer a great subscription service that sends you different probiotics depending on the season.  Pretty cool, huh?

Jetson Probiotics

Jetson Probiotics – It's A Program, Not A Pill

This is the perfect “tag line” that I copied straight from their website.  It's completely true about their program with these important pills.  Each one of us has a certain amount of bacteria in our gut, but when that gets unbalanced, we can become sick, or even become diseased.  I've learned that it's very important to keep that balance.  So, what exactly is their “program”?  Well, to give you an example, the probiotic you'll receive right now is called Outside.  It is formulated to prepare the body for the environmental changes that come with this season.

Jetson Probiotics

So, you'll receive “Outside” Mar 20-Jun 19, “Fit” Jun 20-Sep 19, “Mood” Sep 20-Dec 19, “Immunity” Dec 20-Mar 19.  This is the actual program you get if you purchase it.  I love that they've thought of everything with this program.  You literally don't have to do anything other than taking a pill!

This Is Safe For Kids!

This amazing program is safe for kids, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.  What are the ages?  Well, you can purchase the Jettie, which comes in two different age groups.  The first is for babies ages 0 to 2 and the other is for kids ages 2 to 13.  The baby program will help little ones set up a strong immune system, better nutrition absorption, and a healthy gut.  The one for older kids will work on boosting oral health, a strong immune and digestive system, and of course, maintain a healthy gut.

Jetson Probiotics

I believe if you put your children, or yourself on a healthy system such as this, you simply can't go wrong.

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