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Recently promax had given me the chance to do a review on their cookie dough lower sugar energy bar. I had shared them with a friend as I usually do not eat them. We both agreed they had a great taste. Working hard to improve your health and fitness and want a quick and convenient lower sugar protein bar that satisfies? Here a energy bar of you. They have a great taste and are made with stevia.

Promax has designed a new lower sugar, high protein bar, that provides muscle supporting nutrition with reduced sugar. These bars can be a great part of your workout program to help build lean muscle mass.Promax packs its LS Lower Sugar bars with 18 grams of replenishing protein, up to 14 grams of fiber, and great tasting flavors.
Their LS energy bars contain as low as 3g of sugar versus the 13-23 grams in leading regular protein bars. Promax LS bars don’t sacrifice on taste however. They’re sweetened with stevia, a zero-calorie plant with leaves that are up to 45 times sweeter than sugar.
This allows us to cut out artificial sweeteners, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, maltitol, or gelatin, while maintaining a gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian friendly ingredient line-up. Eating right has never been easier when you have Promax LS Lower Sugar protein bars on hand. For more information click here.


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