Are you looking for an economical, practical, colorful and eye-catching way to promote your business? Well, then you can opt for perforated window decals. Perforated window decals are signs that only allow vision in one direction. You can place the perforated window decals on a vehicle, and when it travels through busy roads, the ad will be seen by at least 100,000 people. One can place them on any window without affecting the visibility. 

Perforated window decals have millions of small holes in it which allows the view from one side. You can completely see what is in the outside. If you are putting it on a store, then it will provide full coverage without making you feel claustrophobic. Moreover, it will help you to modulate the incoming light through the store's windows. 

Ways Perforated Window Decals Help To Advertise a Business

  • Brand Awareness: Irrespective of whether you have started the business or it has been in the market for a long time, brand awareness is crucial. Every potential customer must know the logo and name of the company. As per, marketing your merchandise is more vital than the merchandise itself. By using the perforated window decals, you will be able to communicate all the crucial details related to your business to the customers.
  • Removable or Changeable: One can easily change or remove the perforated window decals. You can easily upgrade the message and promote special offers or seasonal offers by changing the graphics. 
  • Inexpensive: The tool for advertisement must be practical and economical. To grab the attention of your potential customer, you can use perforated window decals as they are economical, innovative and creative. It will allow you to reach the customers and spread your brand's message in different regions without draining a lot of money. You can use the perforated window decals on the store's space so you won't have to pay for any extra space. 
  • Generate Curiosity: Perforated window decals will obscure the sight of the viewers so they will be curious to know what is present inside the store. Perforated window decals help to intrigue and catch the eye of the passerby. Keep the text minimal and use visually appealing graphics to compel the crowd to opt for your brand. 
  • Maintain Privacy: One can promote their business with perforated window decals without losing their privacy. If you are using it on a particular store, then it will block the vision of the outsiders, and they won't be able to intrude the privacy of the store without entering. 
  • Direct The Customers: One can also use the perforated window decals as the directional signage. If you are using it in the storefront, then you are directing the customers towards the business entrance. Stores with multiple entries always use perforated window decals. 


Marketing methods which are old school are still effective and hence practiced by several businesses. To enhance the business facade, one can pick perforated window decals. They are easy to install and is waterproof and weatherproof. One can use it for outdoor and indoor use. Most of the time, you can see its application in the storefront or business advertising, product promotion, window decor, branding and window signage. 

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