Propane Or Electric? Which is Best for Meat Smoking?


The days of grilling or placing our food in the oven are over. Smoking, regardless of how it’s done, gives a spectacular flavor, appearance, and aroma to the meat that can’t be matched with other traditional ways of cooking. The art of smoking has come a long way. Right now, we are being faced with the question of the century; propane or electric? The answer to this question varies according to your needs, likes, and dislikes. To help you decide, we have collected the pros and cons of electric and propane smokers. 

Electric Smokers 

This one provides push-button convenience. Since it only requires being plugged in to start, you can use it inside or outside the house. But if you don’t have outlets in the outdoor area of your house, this smoker won’t be as portable as you would like it to be. There are two types of electric smokers; analog and digital. In the analog one, you can adjust the temperature with an adjustable thermostat dial. The digital smoker, on the other hand, has a digital screen and buttons to be able to set the desired temperature. If you can’t make a decision, you will need to do your research and read more about both types. After assessing a variety of smokers, has collected all that you need to know about different electric smokers to help you make a decision. Doing your research will eliminate the chance of regretting your choice and wasting your money on junk that won’t be any good for you. 

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  • It’s safer since it doesn’t require any combustible gasses or ongoing fire.
  • It offers convenience and portability. 
  • Electric smokers can cook food so much faster than propane smokers. 
  • You can easily control the temperature.



  • Electric smokers don’t give out high heats as propane smokers. 
  • Needing a power outlet can prevent you from cooking outside. 
  • Repairs and maintenance can be a bit expensive. 

Propane Smokers 

These smokers are more portable as they don’t require a power outlet as electric ones. Also, you don’t have to worry about if the power is out or spoiling your meat with propane smokers. Since propane smokers use either propane tanks as a heat source or natural gas, it provides high heat and smoke rings. This helps in a better smoky flavor than electric ones. Repairing a propane smoker is usually simpler and cheaper than electric smokers.




  • Unlike electric smokers, you have to babysit the propane one because it might run too hot and ruin your meat. 
  • They are usually less safe due to not being insulated well enough. 
  • Some models will not allow you to use a gas smoker. 


Are you okay with attending to your food or do you want an easier and safer choice? The type of food you smoke also contribute to this decision. Electric smokers are better for smoking delicate cheeses, fish, or dehydrated food such as jerky. But if you favor the real smoky taste more than convenience and comfort, then propane smokers are better for you. The decision between electric smokers and propane ones comes down to your preferences and priorities.



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