My father is a chef and I love his rice pudding. I recently was given the chance to try a cinnamon box a gift from Vietnam. My fathers rice pudding with this cinnamon. It is out of this world.
When you buy a cinnamon box. You Help where it's needed most…AND get a gift for yourself or someone you care about! Your gift to where most needed will help address specific, urgent needs that might otherwise go unmet for a child, family, or community. As a memento of this gift, you'll receive this box of cinnamon. Vietnam's renowned sweet cinnamon is a renewable resource collected from the Cassia tree, sold to benefit generations of hard working families. This beautifully carved cinnamon bark box contains 3 oz. of cinnamon and bears a common Asian character for prosperity. The container is Approximately size: 3″ x 3″. By buying this cinnamon box you are donating money. It is also tax deductible. For more information click here.

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