Buying a car is one of the most important financial decisions in your life. While insurance and safe driving protects the investment, it is necessary to consider other dangers like weather that could result in damages.
There are various ways to ensure your vehicle is shielded properly under harsh conditions – here goes:
Car garages are great protectors of cars. If you are lucky to have a garage at home, then it is worth making use of it. They help to ward off storms and protect the car from sun damage caused due to prolonged exposure. It isn’t wise to let your vehicle get overheated under any circumstances. Garages have the benefit of also being able to be locked up, therefore protecting not just against the elements, but also would be thieves or vandals. For those who don’t have a garage attached to their house, look for one near where you stay.
Car Cover
A car cover offers minimal protection for a vehicle. Made of flexible material, they can easily be thrown over a car in a minute, with elastic edging helping to snugly attach the cover to the car. They are good for combating leaves and twigs and preventing them from settling on the surface, since they could leave stains and marks on a car's paintwork. Any weather event more forceful than a bit of wind is not going to be deterred by a cover though.
Car Port
Ports provide a good amount of shade and catch quite a bit of debris like leaves and twigs before they land on the car. Most are not self enclosing though so the debris can still hit a car from side angles. They are much more effective at protecting a car during hailstorms, but are not foolproof if the sides are not enclosed.
Canopies are another solution for car protection. Manufacturers can often tailor a solution based on the level of protection one feels is necessary, taking into consideration the usual weather patterns of a certain area. Those that are hoisted up with a simple sail type canopy above may do a similar job to a car port, but while keeping the aesthetics in mind. Advanced versions generally feature enclosed netting, keeping most intruding matter out, whilst also providing sun protection. You can also opt for netting with a pitched roof design for dealing with hail storms.
There are many choices for keeping your car safe from the weather – talk to your dealer or an auto shop technician to know more.

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