Protect Your Hair This Winter With 4 Curls

Now that Winter is here, it is important to keep your hair moisturized and protected. When it gets cold outside, we wear our hats, jackets, and scarves, without realizing the damage that we could be causing to our hair, especially the ends of your hair. I have two easy ways that you can still stay warm, while also protecting your hair this season: 4 Curls Hair Box and Satin Lined Hats.

4 Curls Hair Box

Protect Your Hair This Winter With 4 Curls

This hair box is great for any texture of hair. The goal of 4 Curls is to give you softer, more manageable, and smoother curly hair. Each product in the box serves a purpose of either strengthening and restoring your hair or moisturizing and hydrating your hair. With the 4 Curls box, you receive:

  • 2 hair masks (1 oz dry, 3 oz when mixed with water)
  • 2 hair butters
  • 1 shower cap
  • 1 educational insert
  • A hair tie
  • Surprise gift (up to $20 value). I received a beautiful satin head wrap.

What I love most about this hair box, is the natural ingredients that are used and the amount of hair ingredients in each product. Each product contains only 5 ingredients that each serve a function to improve the quality of your hair.  The ingredients are safe, so I feel comfortable using them on my toddler's hair. They are effective and saved me time with detangling my hair! 4 Curls is a winner in my eyes! Depending on how often you wash and condition your hair, alternating between the Strengthen & Restore and the Moisturize & Hydrate will definitely help your hair during the Winter.

Satin Lined Hats

Every time you put on a cotton, polyester, wool, etc. hat, you are causing friction with your hair. This in turns can cause dry ends and breakage around your hair line. To help avoid these issues, I recommend making sure you purchase satin or silk lined hats. You can also keep your hair in a protected style such as buns, braids, plaits, or any style that keeps your ends from brushing up against the collars of your coat or jacket.

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