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Protect Your Life (AKA Your Laptop)

Protect Your Life (AKA Your Laptop)-Macbook Sleevecase 15 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar


Like most people, a lot of things that are important in my life are stored on my laptop. Everything from photos to files, documents to contacts and so much more. It’s really important to protect your mobile devices when you’re on-the-go so that you don’t lose all that data should the unthinkable occur.

We’ve all had that horrifying moment when one of our devices slips right through our fingers and tumbles to the floor, right? That brief window of time before picking it up where we pray to the almighty tech gods that the screen isn’t cracked or all the information somehow scrambled or lost due to the impact.

Waterfield Designs San Francisco Bags offers various high-quality bag options to protect your devices from breakage. They are not only effective but really beautiful, too. Shown here is the 15″ Macbook Pro Touch Bar Macbook Sleevecase. I love the slim design, thick protective material, and professional grade stitching that holds it all together.

SFBags Macbook Sleevecase 15 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar

The bags featured on the company website are designed to hold your device snugly within the protective material. They have bags available for a wide variety and size of device.

SFBags Macbook Sleevecase 15 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar

The velcro closure is of very good quality strength to hold the flap closed even when I hold the sleeve by the finger grip at the bottom and dangle it above the floor. I don’t think that’s really its intended purpose, though. LOL

SFBags Macbook Sleevecase 15 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar

In all seriousness, it’s there to provide a secure counter-grip while extracting the bag from the sleeve. And that’s not the only great feature.

SFBags Macbook Sleevecase 15 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar

The bag’s design is simplistic. You won’t find a ton of extra pouches or zippered pockets to clutter up the inside or the outside of the sleeve.

SFBags Macbook Sleevecase 15 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar

There is one outside pocket, perfect for file folders, notepads, and pens. Or maybe a charger, external hard drive or other needed cables or earbuds. Just the basics, the simple design seems to say to me. And I totally like that.

SFBags Macbook Sleevecase 15 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar

The only embellishment on my MackBook Pro Sleevecase is this label (along with another similar one above the rear pocket). Like the rest of the bag, it’s just simple but gives it a bit of character.

Don’t let the fact that I describe it as “simple” lead you to believe that I mean cheaply-made or sub-par quality. It’s definitely not! Check out their YouTube Page for videos showing different bags and for more information about the quality and design of their products.

I’ve had several computer bags over the years. The other bag I have is great for traveling, it’s larger than my laptop with an interior velcro pocket as well as other pockets, both inside and out, and a shoulder strap. The thing is, it’s just too big for everyday use because I don’t need all the extra pockets and storage in my day-to-day life. This sleevecase is much more what is needed for daily use while running errands, sitting in parking lots waiting for my kids during extracurricular activities, or visiting family.

What are your protective needs for mobile devices? Which San Fransisco Bags product would be perfect for you?


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