Protect Yourself With A Birdie Alarm

Protect Yourself With A Birdie Personal Safety Alarm – It Will Keep You Safe When Walking Alone

Did you know that one in five women are raped in their lifetimes?  I had no idea!  Unfortunately, it's hard to stay safe, especially when we're alone.  I walk my dog alone and I'm always keeping an eye out for anyone coming up behind me.  That doesn't guarantee safety, though.  Something that will help is using the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm.  This sucker is loud!  It'll sound when you pull the prong (or pin) up and off and it also flashes very quickly.  It will certainly get the attention of others, which is NOT what an attacker wants.  I love my Birdie.  They sent me the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm in Aqua and it's so pretty!  I guess you could say I've got a pretty Birdie.

Protect Yourself With A Birdie Alarm

Alarm Your Possible Attacker

The alarm or siren that you set off is so loud!  It's actually 130dc and sounds like a jet engine flying overhead at 100′.  How crazy is that?  This tiny little device does that.  It comes with a battery that will last for 50 continual minutes and they're replaceable.  So, imagine a possible attacker walking up behind you.  You pull out your little Birdie and pull the pin.  That loud siren that he wasn't expecting will scare the crud out of him and probably send him running.  Not only that, but it also flashes brightly getting the attention of others around you.  This makes my walks with my dog so much more relaxing.  I know that I can rely on my Birdie.

Protect Yourself With A Birdie Alarm

Perfect Size And Comes With Keychain

Not only is the Birdie small and perfectly sized, but it also comes with a heavy-duty brass keychain.  I love it because I can clip it onto my belt loop or my phone case.  This means I don't have to find room in my hands for it and I appreciate that.  I only have two hands and holding the poop bags and her leash is enough!  Even if you need to put it into your purse, it's easy to find because it comes in 5 fun colors.  Just be careful if you have a wreck of a purse because Lord knows you don't want that pin to be pulled accidentally.  That would be so scary!

Protect Yourself With A Birdie Alarm

If you have someone in mind, remember that Easter and Mother's Day is coming up!  This would make a great gift.

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