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Protein Powder: What You Need To Know To Use It Properly!

So many people use protein powder but they don’t use it the right way. Some people want to use it but have no idea how. If you’re going to use this food supplement, you need to make sure you’re using it right to get the best results from it. Otherwise, what’s the point? You can find all kinds of powders for different price ranges, but the principles are usually the same. Here’s what you need to know to use protein powder properly:


Not All Powders Are Created Equal


Not all protein powders are created equal, so you need to make sure you’re buying the powder that is right for you and your training needs. You can get protein powders that contain other supplements, such as creatine and glutamine to aid muscle growth. You can get protein powders that are all kinds of yummy flavours, but you should watch the sugar content. Also, these powders aren’t as ‘pure’ as unflavoured powders, but they can still make a good difference to your training results. Be careful of the amount of fat and carbs in the powders too. You might actually be taking in more than you realise with just a protein shake. You shouldn’t buy into marketing tactics. Some shakes don’t contain very much protein at all, and simply look cute and taste nice. You want a powder that has it all, so make sure you do your research and decide based on your price range. Blogs like ‘Why Is Gnarly The Healthiest Protein Powder?’ can give you some ideas.




Real Food Is Better Than Powder


Bear in mind that if you can get your protein needs in with real food, you should do that. Real food is always going to be better than a powder. It’ll fill you up more and do your body good. However, if you struggle to hit your protein goals with food, then getting a powder is a good plan.


You Can Add Powder To Other Foods


Did you know you can add powder to other foods? You don’t always need to drink it! You can make protein pancakes by adding eggs and fruit to your powder. You can make protein cakes, protein muffins – the list goes on! You can even add it to your porridge.





Use It When Your Muscles Need It Most


The best time to use protein powder is when your body needs it most. It can fill us up for the rest of the day if we have more protein in the morning, so you might want to consider supplementing with it then. However, you should take the biggest dose after working out, especially after a weights session. This will help you to repair your muscles and see big improvements!
Hopefully this post has clued you in on how to use protein powder the right way. When you use it right, you’ll see great results from your training and nutrition. Remember, it takes time to see results. Keep going! Thanks for reading!

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