Deciding on the dry ice blasting equipment to use can be hard. There are so many options out there and they all don’t work the same. When making your choice, you need to look at various things, among them how the machine performs and how it suits your job. Comparing different machines will further help you make the most informed choice. This article takes a look at how these machines work and what you need to consider when shopping for one.


How they work

The top reason why people go for the dry ice blaster for sale is because they clean much faster than the traditional methods. This is because these machines combine a range of effects at once when cleaning. First, they have a higher pellet speed. Second, there is the thermal effect which drops the temperatures of contaminants and shrinks them. Third, the dry ice pellets sublimate into carbon dioxide gas which forces contaminants off the target surface. As you may have guessed, the dry ice blasting unit can clean equipment while they are hot and without having to remove them from their installed locations.


Now that you have an idea of how the dry ice blasting equipment works, it is time to learn how to purchase the right one for your needs. Below are the key things you will have to do.


  • Compare

Just like with the purchase of any item, be it a car or cleaning equipment, it is imperative that you take the time to compare. There are so many manufacturers out there and their products don’t work the same. To end up with the most effective machine that suits your needs, you need to look at the features and performance ratings of different brands. That way, you will be able to get the best quality equipment.


  • Maintenance

Don’t focus too much on how the dry ice blasting machine works and forget about the maintenance needs. When shopping for a cleaning machine, you want one that will not be difficult to maintain. It should be easy to use, clean and repair. When shopping, focus more on the machines with an easy access control panel. The quality of the blasting hose should also be considered. The ideal system is the one that allows the hose to be flexible throughout blasting. It makes your work easier.


  • Variety of uses

It is also good to invest in a machine that can be used for different types of cleaning. This is made possible by having a range of nozzles which makes it possible to switch from the heavy duty to the more delicate cleaning. The machine being compatible with a variety of accessories is also an added advantage.


  • Customer support

Last but not least, invest in a machine with a great customer support service. There should be a team available to help with any problem you may have.


Shopping for dry ice blasting equipment is not something you should rush. Read as many reviews as you can and weigh your options carefully.


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