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Pure organic  had given me the chance to review a couple of their bars. First let me tell you they are all vegan, gluten free, organic and non HMO. The first product is the pure organic cashew coconut bar. It's rich cashews and creamy organic coconut with fiber and dacha inchi protein. Welcome to paradise. The taste is unbelievable. The cashews and coconuts are yummy.  The ingredients are dates, cashews, coconut, tapioca syrup, brown rice, protein, dacha inchi protein and sea salt.
The next bar is ancient grains. Quinoa, amaranth, flax and hemp. The chocolate chunk nut bar has whole grains, nuts, and chocolate. Thousands of years of health in one convenient bar. I wasn't sure about this bar at first. It's always hard when I aM not really the healthiest person. I really did enjoy these bars. I am going to have a new snack that is healthy for me. Products like these are what's going to make me live and follow a new healthy routine. They have different varieties of bars and are reasonably priced. For more information click here.

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