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A box of Purell advanced hand sanitizer had arrived today. They are 1 fl.oz. bottles with jelly wrap clips to hang from your purse, bags, book bags, and other places. I love these. I can just clip one to my sons bag for school and I don't have to worry about all those germs. I can also hang one from my purse. I don't like using public rest rooms as there are so many germs everywhere. Even after washing your hands. Having this attached to my purse at least gives me piece of mind that they will kill most of the germs.
Do you ever realize that it doesn't matter if you make your child go to the bathroom before you leave the house, they need to go as soon as you get to the store? Well, I know this happens to me with my son all the time. I feel a little better knowing I have the Purcell on hand.
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They now come in different scents spring/summer scents are: cool melon lime, watermelon splash, fresh peach blossom and ocean kiss. Fall/winter scents are : Ginger spice, ocean kiss, sweet plum, and oven baked apples.
Health experts have indicated that 80 percent of germs are transmitted by the hands, which is why proper hand hygiene throughout the day is important. When soap and water are not available, an alcohol based hand sanitizer or hand sanitizing wipes are affective at helping to reduce the spread of infection and giving us busy moms and dads a healthy reassurance during life's busy moments. For more information click here.
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