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Purified Water Anytime, Anywhere

I drink an awful lot of water, and I will only drink purified water. I like to keep my own reusable water bottle with me because I don’t like to spend money on throw-away-plastic bottles of water. But what happens when I’m out somewhere, have finished all my water and want some more? Do I force myself to drink the tap water? I sure don’t! Now I have my Puribloc GoPure Pod with me everywhere I go!

The GoPure Pod continuously purifies and enhances your water on the go ensuring clean, healthy, and great tasting water. Inside the Pod is an advanced, highly porous ceramic made from food grade minerals of biogenic origin and processed with patented technology. It continuously attracts and absorbs impurities, balances pH and releases valuable trace minerals. The result is fresh, great-tasting drinking water.

Release The Pod!

Using the GoPure Pod is so simple. Just drop it in to any bottle, pitcher, glass or coffee maker. That’s it! Each Pod works continuously for six months or 2,ooo refills with no filter to change. Using the GoPure Pod helps keep plastic out of our landfills because it replaces 2,000 1-liter plastic water bottles. The Pod allows you to fill your container from any tap. No more need of those water containers that require a charcoal filter that needs to be replaced so often.

Simple and Portable

Your GoPure Pod is just going to rest at the bottom of your container. There’s no need to do anything at all once you’ve dropped it in to your water. Here’s a little tip, though … occasionally shaking the container or swirling the pod about in the water promotes the performance of GoPure. Here’s more good news … when your water runs low, your bottle or container can be topped up with fresh drinking water without any need to empty the residual contents.

Each GoPure Pod comes with it’s own storage cylinder and clip. You can hook the clip to your belt-loop, purse strap, diaper bag, dog leash … pretty much anywhere … so you’ll always have your GoPure Pod close at hand.

For the best performance, your GoPure Pod should be rinsed periodically to remove any accumulated impurities. Every GoPure Pod can be cleaned gently under running water with a soft bristle toothbrush.

GoPure is non-hazardous and can be disposed of in accordance with your local recycling requirements.

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